BeMedico - Verdeler van innovatieve producten voor de medische professional

About BeMedico

BeMedico is a Belgium-based, independent medical distribution company founded in 1987. We are a full-service partner for medical professionals in Benelux. We focus on a range of product groups that include implants, braces, medical lasers, exoskeletons, shockwave and cooling products.

Our team of 45 employees are known for their passion, expertise and commitment. They apply these attributes to continually seek out new solutions, while prioritising product quality and service. We work closely with manufacturers meaning we offer a diverse range of products across various medical fields: orthopedics, dermatology and plastic surgery, gynaecology, maxillofacial sugery, oncology, rehabilitation, dentistry, traumatology and urology.

The firms High Tech Laser, Hospital Innovations, Lasermedico and Ortho-Medico merged to form BeMedico in January 2022.


Actively working with medical professionals to develop innovative solutions and improve patients’ physical and mental wellbeing.

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Our values

We care

Here at BeMedico, being customer focussed is at the heart of what we do. Our team strives to help customers as much as possible. It is important to us to communicate with both customers and colleagues in an authentic and transparent manner.

BeMedico highly values loyalty towards employees, suppliers and customers. Whenever we enter into a new collaboration, our aim is to build a long-term partnership.

We’re positive. Both about our customers and the future. We believe positive energy contributes to a good work atmosphere. A space our employees can enjoy and thrive in.

We dare

Quality is paramount in BeMedico’s portfolio of medical solutions. Treatments that use our products are scientifically substantiated wherever possible. To provide customers with sound professional advice, we carry out extensive internal training. We share our knowledge with medical professionals at workshops and demonstrations, so that these professionals can maximise the physical and mental comfort of their patients.

We rise to challenges so that we can make an important difference for doctors and their patients. We are committed to delivering quality and good service.

Our whole company is committed to furthering innovation. We seek out innovative (niche) products to expand our portfolio and we are always on the lookout for any improvement opportunities that could optimise our internal processes and customer service.

Our brands

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BeMedico - Verdeler van innovatieve producten voor de medische professional