About BeMedico

Hospital Innovations, Ortho-Medico, High Tech Laser and Lasermedico join forces and become BeMedico. BeMedico actively collaborates with medical professionals. Together we search for innovative products to improve the physical and mental comfort of patients.
Our company got a new name, logo and look to reflect the breath of fresh air within our entrepreneurial company. BeMedico, that’s Be Loyal, Be Involved, Be Educated and so much more.

Discover the values of BeMedico below.

How do we do it?

By Caring

At BeMedico, we provide the appropriate products and offer personalized support. You can always turn to us. We are available 24/7 to support doctors and medical professionals. We provide advice, training and demos and even support you in the operating room. Our service consists of guiding medical professionals so they can provide the best care to their patients. Our team consists of committed and dynamic professionals who are your personal point of contact.

By Daring

At BeMedico we dare to change. In consultation with our customers we have already introduced many innovative products in the Benelux, our home market. Scientific studies as a foundation are crucial for our products to improve the quality of life of patients.

What else do we stand for?

BeMedico is loyal, both to its employees and suppliers and to its customers. We have been working with our key suppliers for decades, because we believe that they are – by focusing on quality and innovation – still the best choice for the specific products we offer. In addition to our loyal partnerships, new partners are added every year. We select them carefully and hope to build a loyal bond with them as well. There is also a great deal of continuity within our team of employees, occasionally reinforced by new talent. Our suppliers and employees strive for stable, long-term cooperation with our customers.

At BeMedico, we not only provide the appropriate products, we also provide our customers with personalized support. Our team consists of committed and dynamic professionals who are their personal point of contact. Where necessary, we advise and support medical professionals all the way to the operating room. Here we provide them with intensive training and demos so they can give their patients the best care. Our team is also available 24/7 to support doctors and medical professionals in a flexible way. Thanks to proper stock management, we can respond quickly and efficiently in urgent situations.

Authenticity is perhaps the most important characteristic at BeMedico. We are small, but also big thanks to our cooperation with international manufacturers, which allows us to adapt very quickly to certain market demands. We believe it is important to interact in a human way and to find together where we can really make a difference for doctors and their patients. We take on every challenge to sincerely help you with our products and expertise.

We gather our knowledge through our partnerships with various manufacturers. They operate on a global scale, which means that they have cutting-edge expertise. We like to make use of that to train our own people on the one hand and share it with our customers on the other. Fotona, for example, has its own internationally recognized Laser & Health Academy, where our product specialists and customers can update their knowledge. 

In the past BeMedico launched numerous innovative (niche) products that later proved to be groundbreaking. We keep this spirit within the company, not only in our product range but also in our mindset. Are you looking for a product that is not available in the Benelux? Do not hesitate to contact the BeMedico team! We continuously combine our years of expertise with new visions and technologies.