The Paragon 28® Silverback™ Ankle Fusion Plating System

The Paragon 28® Silverback™ Ankle Fusion Plating System was designed to give surgeons options for tibiotalar (TT) and tibiotalocalcaneal (TTC) arthrodesis. The hole sizing allows for Ø4.5 mm and Ø5.2 mm screws to be used for the tibia and calcaneus, while the talar screw holes allow for Gorilla® R3CON Ø3.5 mm and Ø4.2 mm screws. A Ø4.7 mm “Compact” screw is available for the hole sizes in the tibia and calcaneus, which was designed with a smaller thread height to help reduce insertion torque in dense bone. Additionally, single lead bone threads result in a decreased pitch differential between the locking screw head and bone threads to reduce the amount of insertion torque required to lock the screw into the plate in areas of dense bone. Precision® Guides are provided to allow for a crossing screw to be inserted outside of the plate while avoiding interference with the on-axis plate screws. Each plate has one Precision Guide to place a tibiotalar screw, while the lateral and posterior TTC plates have two Precision Guides— one to place a tibiotalar screw and one to place a subtalar screw. The relatively thinner plate helps to evenly distribute force across the construct and helps guard against stress shielding during healing.

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