The Paragon 28® Gorilla® MTP Plating System

The Paragon 28® Gorilla® MTP Plating System was designed to provide surgeons versatility in plate selection for MTP Arthrodesis
procedures, assistance with joint preparation and the ability to position the hallux in all 3 planes during temporary fixation.

The system has 32 anatomically contoured plating options to address primary, revision and graft-spanning arthrodesis. The primary and short arthrodesis plates are offered in 0°, 5° and 10° of dorsiflexion to account for differences in anatomy. The revision arthrodesis plates are thicker and provide more holes proximally to avoid previous screw placement.

The graft-spanning plates allow for placement of the Paragon 28® PRESERVE™ MTP Length Restoring Graft. All Gorilla® MTP plate holes accommodate Gorilla® R3CON™ 2.7, 3.5 and 4.2 mm locking and non-locking screws. The instrumentation provided in the Gorilla® MTP Plating System was designed to address joint preparation while facilitating compression and/or stability at the arthrodesis site.

The patented Precision® Guide mates with the desired MTP plate to provide five trajectories of guide wire paths to allow for insertion of a 3.0 or 3.5 mm cannulated Mini-Monster® crossing screw across the arthrodesis site, while avoiding on-axis locking and non-locking plate screws within the construct. Spin Guard Reamers are available in the set to assist the surgeon in cartilage removal and joint preparation prior to plate and screw fixation.

Paragon 28 MTP Plating

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