Quantum Square Pulse Er:YAG Lasers for Fast and Precise Hard Dental Tissue Preparation

A highly significant difference has been reported in the adhesion strength between dental surfaces prepared with Er:YAG lasers and those prepared using conventional burs. The beneficial effect of Er:YAG laser cavity preparation is particularly pronounced when the laser is set to operate at super- short-pulse duration (SSP, 50 μs) and low energy (<90 mJ). However, when a VSP Er:YAG laser is set to operate in this regime, it’s average output power is limited, making this treatment modality relatively slow. In this paper, we report on the use of a novel quantum-square-pulse mode (Fotona QSP) for higher bond strength cavity treatments that overcomes the above power limitation of Er:YAG lasers. SEM micrographs of the surfaces prepared using the QSP mode are compared with those prepared with standard SSP and MSP pulse modes. The surfaces prepared with the QSP mode reveal the same surface quality as those prepared with the previously studied SSP pulses of low intensity. The QSP mode is thus indicated as an ideal treatment modality for fast, high quality, cavity preparations.

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