New Options and Treatment Strategies with the VSP Erbium YAG Aesthetics Lasers

Er:YAG laser resurfacing has been widely recognized as an effective and predictable method to reverse the signs of photo-damage. Whereas other ablative light-technologies have not developed much further, therefore limiting their versatility and applicability, new developments and innovations to Er:YAG lasers have given practitioners a wide variety of new treatment options and strategies. In order to fully benefit from the Er:YAG lasers versatility in aesthetics it is important for the practitioner to understand and appreciate the basic biophysics and technology behind the latest VSP Er:YAG lasers. A deeper understanding of the 4 VSP Er:YAG treatment regimes (COLD, WARM, HOT, NON-ABLATIVE) gives insight into the clinical parameters that are necessary for the most common VSP Er:YAG treatments, that are mini peels, medium depth peels and SMOOTH treatments.

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