Erbium Laser for Skin Surgery: A Single-Center Twenty-Five Years’ Experience

: Introduction (1): The Erbium laser is a very versatile laser system used in dermatology. Its ability to be almost selectively absorbed by water makes it a perfect device for managing various cutaneous skin conditions. (2) Methods: In this paper, we report our twenty-five years’ experience with the Erbium laser. More than three thousand patients were treated for common skin disorders such as flat warts, seborrheic keratosis, xanthelasmas, and scars. (3) Results: A complete response was observed in 89.6%, without significant side effects. Local anesthesia was used in only a tiny percentage of patients. (4) Conclusions: This study confirms that the Erbium laser is a valuable and flexible procedure for laser surgery with excellent safety and short healing times.

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