EasytechTM Reversed is a new generation stemless reversed prosthesis, designed for subjects with offset arthritis, and with good bone quality. The technical characteristics of this implant have been designed based on computer simulations, correlated to results previously published in medical journals, in order to avoid the disadvantages of traditional reverse prostheses. A centric or eccentric glenosphere, tilted at 10°, centered on a variable length baseplate post (compatible with positioning techniques), the position of which is guided by an intuitive adaptive instrumentation. The implant has to be in a 145° position to allow the scapula pillar to be protected while maintaining optimum stability. The humeral implant is positioned naturally in the center of the epiphysis, preserving the remaining bone as much as possible. EasytechTM Reversed is a totally modern implant, designed to adapt to the new lifestyles of older, increasingly active, patients for a longer timeframe.

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