Dual Tissue Regeneration: Non-Ablative Resurfacing of Soft Tissues with FotonaSmooth® Mode Er:YAG Laser

It is shown that the extraordinary, extremely short optical penetration depth of the Er:YAG laser in tissue water makes this laser not only optimal for ablative procedures, but also for non-ablative resurfacing. A process of fast heat shocking of the epithelium, in addition to slow thermal injury of the connective tissue, is involved in non-ablative FotonaSmooth® mode Er:YAG resurfacing procedures. This dual tissue-regeneration mechanism (DTR) is accessible only to thermal remodeling devices with an extremely short energy penetration depth within the tissue, using unique FotonaSmooth® mode pulsing characteristics. In this regard, the Er:YAG laser wavelength holds a unique position due to its extraordinary wavelength coinciding with the highest absorption peak of water at 2,940 nm. It is proposed that this unique characteristic of the Er:YAG laser contributes significantly to the reported safety and efficacy of the FotonaSmooth® Er:YAG skin tightening, thermotherapy for treating genitourinary syndrome of menopause, and thermotherapy of snoring and sleep apnea.

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