Variable angle-stable distal radial plate

Nearly all fractures of the distal radius can be managed surgically with the 2.7 mm volar fixed-angle radius plate for internal fixation. The anatomical shape of the plate in combination with the variable angular stability of the two distal rows of holes enables stable management of all extra-articular and nearly all intra-articular fractures (C1-3 in the AO classification) without additional measures. Particularly in the case of intra-articular comminuted fractures, the variable angular stability provides excellent conditions for adjusting the screw position to the individual fracture situation. The small holes incorporated in the plate can be used for preliminary introduction of K-wires, which makes the intraoperative procedure considerably easier. Preliminary K-wire fixation allows the position of the plate relative to the radius and the reduction result to be assessed easily under image intensifier control and corrected if necessary. All of the required plate lengths are available, each in two different widths at the distal end (23 mm and 27 mm)

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