Advantages of p-Tm:YAG over Ho:YAG

Over the past few decades, Ho:YAG laser lithotripsy has been established as the gold standard for endoscopic stone treatment due to its safe, efficient, and versatile properties. In the last few years, laser powers have been increased, sophisticated pulse modulation techniques have been invented, and other laser technologies such as Thulium laser lithotripsy have undergone further improvements.

Study: Preclinical comparison of a novel pulsed solid-state p-Tm:YAG laser versus Ho:YAG technology


Overall, the preclinical results showed that the p-Tm:YAG technology was performing better than Ho:YAG technology. This novel p-Tm:YAG laser offered a wide range of adjustable laser settings, longer pulse durations, and a slightly different wavelength than Ho:YAG lasers, which provided several advantages, such as better fragmentation of stones into dust, lower retropulsion of stones, lower lateral expansion of gas bubbles for lesser tissue damage, and higher absorption in water, resulting in lesser penetration of laser light into tissue.

p-Tm:YAG laser

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