Acumed® Clavicle Plating System

Since its introduction as the orthopaedic industry’s first precontoured resource for clavicle fixation, surgeons have utilized the versatility of the Acumed Clavicle Plating System to treat simple and complex fractures, malunions, and nonunions. Our objective at Acumed is to provide a comprehensive solution for repairing clavicular fractures. Designed in conjunction with William B. Geissler, M.D., the Clavicle Plating System is distinct and recognized for offering an array of low and narrow-profile plate solutions, precontoured to match the natural S-shape of the clavicle. This achievement affords surgeons the opportunity to choose the most appropriate option for the patient, could help reduce surgery time spent contouring a plate, and may aid in minimizing soft tissue irritation for the patient; all of which may reduce the need for additional surgical procedures. This system also features either hex or hexalobe screws. The Hexalobe Screw System is designed to have increased strength when compared to Acumed Hex Screws. The Acu-Sinch Repair System was designed to complement the Clavicle Plating System by treating Coracoclavicular (CC) ligament injuries associated with clavicle fractures. The Acu-Sinch Repair System is used in conjunction with an Acumed Superior Midshaft or Distal Clavicle Plate to aid in the repair of clavicle fractures.

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