Acumed® Ankle Plating System 3

The Acumed Ankle Plating System 3 is designed to provide a variety of fixation options for rotational fractures of the distal tibia and fibula. Designed in conjunction with Anish Kadakia, MD and Bruce Ziran, MD, the Ankle Plating System 3 includes seven plate families designed specifically for the treatment of ankle fractures. The indication-specific plates address fracture patterns of the medial, lateral, and posterior malleoli. Specialized plate features and unique instrumentation address disruption of the syndesmosis. 4.0 mm cannulated screws in lengths of 36 mm, 42 mm, and 48 mm are included in the Ankle 3 tray for the treatment of medial malleolar fractures. In addition, both short thread and long thread 4.0 mm cannulated screws ranging in length from 10 mm to 72 mm are available. These screws are housed in a standalone tray and use the 4.0 mm cannulated screw instruments within the Ankle Plating System 3. The Ankle Plating System 3 is used in combination with the Acumed Small Fragment Base Set. The Small Fragment Base Set includes One-Third Tubular Plates, as well as cut-to-length and bend-to-fit 2.7 mm L-shaped, T-shaped, and straight Fragment Plates that can also be used to address ankle fractures. The 2.7 mm and 3.5 mm nonlocking, locking, and variable angle hexalobe screws, 4.0 mm fully threaded and partially threaded cancellous hexalobe screws, and universal instrumentation are all housed within the Small Fragment Base Set. A selection of Tension Band Pins and AcuTwist® Compression Screws are also included.

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